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[Beauty Tips] Eliminate Eyes bags against aging

Eliminate Eyes Bag against aging (消除眼袋抗衰老)

Modern people's sleep time is inadequate, plus a long time to use the computer and so on the need for consumption of the frequency of the habit of the eye, and respiratory allergy and so on caused by dark circles and deepening the bags under the eyes, I believe very troubling. How to improve swelling and prevent pigmentation? Come and see it

现代人的睡眠时间普遍不足, 又加上长时间使用电脑等需要耗费用眼频率的习惯,以及呼吸道过敏等等体质而造成黑眼圈以及眼袋加深,相信非常令人困扰。 要如何改善肿胀及预防色素沉淀呢?快来一起看看吧~

The formation of bags under the eyes may be the reason 形成眼袋可能原因

1. Eye surface body fluid accumulation: the formation of bags for many reasons, genetic factors, age factors, kidney disease, lack of sleep, pregnancy will cause eye surface accumulation of body fluids, the formation of bags under the eyes.

眼脸体液堆积: 形成眼袋的原因很多,遗传因素、年龄因素、肾病、睡眠不足、怀孕期都会造成眼脸部体液堆积,形成眼袋。

2. False eye bags: Most of the bags under the eyes are false, because of lack of sleep, the long-term face of the computer, messy work and rest, excessive drinking water before bedtime and other reasons.


3. Genuine bags under the eyes: young people's bags under the eyes of the false-based, irregular and fatigue with the eyes caused by long-term swelling of the eyes, or water before going to bed caused by eye swelling, there are a few because of genetic The authenticity of the bags under the eyes.

遗传真性眼袋: 年轻人的眼袋以假性眼袋为主,不规律作息和疲劳用眼造成眼睛长期处于肿胀状态,或是睡前喝水造成的眼部浮肿,也有少数是因为遗传照成的真性眼袋。

So how to improve the swelling of the bags under the eyes?那么如何改善肿胀眼袋?

1. bedtime insatiable drink: before going to sleep eat salty or a lot of water, pillows are too low will form bags under the eyes, should pay attention to avoid. Should be developed sooner or later with eye cream for eye massage habits.

睡前不狂喝水: 临睡前吃得过咸或大量饮水,枕头太低都会形成眼袋,应注意避免。 应养成早晚用眼霜进行眼部按摩的习惯。

2. To promote blood circulation: regular massage the face, through the muscle movement to blood flow: in the make-up, with a warm foundation to adjust the face color, should not be painted in the bags under the eyes. Otherwise, it will make the bags more visible.


3. Eat high-quality food: eat colloids, high-quality protein, animal liver, tomatoes, potatoes and other foods rich in Victoria A and B2, for the eyes of tissue cells to provide the necessary nutrients, to eliminate the bags under the eyes have a good Efficacy.


4. Eyeball after exercise: eye mask is the most frequent help to remove dark circles or bags under the eyes of cosmetics. The eye mask is not used at all times are very effective, after the exercise to speed up the metabolism, absorption also will accelerate.

运动后敷眼膜: 眼膜是最常见的帮助去除黑眼圈或者眼袋的化妆品。眼膜不是任何时候使用都很有效果的,运动之后新陈代谢加快,吸收也随之加速。

Anti-dark circles and bags under the eyes: 防黑眼圈及眼袋方法:

1. Black coffee to eliminate edema: because the black coffee can be the body of excess water drained, eye swelling has a perfect effect.

黑咖啡消水肿: 因为黑咖啡可以将体内多余的水分排掉,对眼部浮肿有很好的改善作用。

2. cold eyes to eliminate: cold eyes quickly can be swelling, and eyes look more clear. After the application of eye mask if you can sleep well, nutrients in the rest slowly penetrate, can play miraculously.

冷敷眼睛消除: 冷敷眼睛很快就可以消肿,而且眼神看起来更加清澈。敷完眼膜后如果能够好好睡一觉,养分在睡眠中慢慢渗透,能够发挥奇效。

3. Apply eye cream Eye Mask: Now there are many eye cream and eye mask with whitening and moisturizing effect, coated with eye cream when with some gentle eye massage, soothing black eye attack, and good absorption.


Tips: hot water bath, hot water can speed up the blood circulation, the absorption effect is good.

贴士: 洗热水澡的时候,热水能加快血液循环,吸收效果好。

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