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V Sachar MD - Safe Natural Non-toxic Makeup in Pregnancy

Hi All, today I would like to share regarding the makeup kits for Pregnancy. I have done a lot of research regarding the makeup brand for Pregnancy, and I realized that there's one brand is a label on the product "safe for pregnancy and nontoxics," and the product name is V Sachar MD, a brand from the USA.

" Dr. Vik Sachar - the founder of cosmetic company V.Sachar MD, is a double board certified, high-risk pregnancy specialist who has created the world’s only nontoxic cosmetic line to address the concerns of pregnant women. Olivia Wilde is among the moms-to-be already using his products." During pregnancy, you might be concerning about the makeup kits your are using is it safe for you and your baby? And you can't go out without any makeup. If you do want to continue to use makeup during pregnancy, can look no further than Dr. Vik Sachar's V Sachar MD non-toxic and safe cosmetics line and he specially developed for use during pregnancy. Might you ask me? Why choose his line of cosmetics? Dr. Vik Sachar is a double board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist and High Risk Pregnancy specialist who recognized that children (including his own) can be exposed to toxins during pregnancy and determined to develop a complete set of safe makeup products that are suitable for use by moms-to-be (and beyond). He is certified not only by a number of professional organizations such as "The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, but he is also a signatory to Truth in Labeling and The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. All V.Sachar MD makeup products are free of Parabens, Mineral Oils and Derivatives, Lead, FD&C dyes, BHT, bismuth chloride, alcohol, nanoparticles, talc, and all preservatives. Most are also free of carmine colorants and are both vegan and gluten-free. No doubt! I have bought the complete set of the makeup products in my makeup kits. Dr Vik Sachar has send me some of the brushes complimentary for me too! Thank you Dr. Vik Sachar.

The delivery takes 10-12 working days. About 10 days waiting time, finally the parcel has arrived my home, I was so excited to unbox the parcel.

I tried the Mineral Lipstick in Perfect Kiss, a gorgeous, shimmery shade of natural color that gives a beautiful glow to the lips. Each product has explanation on V Sachar MD's website. Besides that, I also tried the Mascara in black. The mascara is nice to apply on the lashes, thus avoiding any clumping. It does not flake and actually lasts all day! At the end of the day, it is effortless to remove. And I tried both the Mineral Matte Eyeshadow, Satin Eyeshadow and the Liquid Eye Liner. The eyeshadow is made from pure and natural ingredients that are designed not to irritate your eyes. The eyeshadow seemed to be highly pigmented. Using an eyeshadow brush, I was able to apply the color evenly, and it gave a great, beautiful color. For the cream foundation, it is easy to apply to the skin, and don't have the sticky feeling. The last product I tried is the Eye Liner. it dried fast, did not smudge, and looked great. And it came right off with soap and water. From the experience that I have had with these products, I would recommend V. Sachar MD cosmetics. Whether you are pregnant or not, these products are worth trying for sure!​ Definitely worth it – you’ll look great during pregnancy and have peace of mind too!

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